Passive Candidate Sourcing

Workforce Source (WFS) sourcing specialists can reach more qualified candidates for your needs on a daily basis because unlike the traditional firms we are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and use a variety of creative passive candidate sourcing techniques to contact hard-to-reach candidates on behalf of our clients.

We use social media (professional networking sites, forums, topical groups and other sources) to inform the candidates with matching profiles of your opportunities. Workforce Source also stays in constant contact with our existing candidate pipeline via outreach tools built into our proprietary system.

Consider the following stats:

  • It takes on average 100+ passive candidate contacts to produce one qualified submission, if sourced via LinkedIn or similar social media sites.
  • The cost of a package of 150 LinkedIn InMails could cost in excess of $740.  Using a basic calculation, a single qualified passively-sourced candidate would cost you around $500 just in subscription fees.  
  • Workforce Source is ready to offer our clients a guarantee that it can deliver qualified candidates for 1/2 of this amount for the majority of Information Technology, Governance, Auditing and Finance & Accounting skillsets.  How is this for an offer which is hard to beat?
  • Need help with talent sourcing in a different field? Name a skill and chances are we have a way to acquire appropriate candidates in a timely and inexpensive manner.
  • Our statistics show that more than third of our qualified candidates are selected for a follow-up interview with every 8th candidate on average being extended an offer.
  • Compare this to the typical cost of 20 - 25 % your company could be paying to a contingency recruiter and you will quickly appreciate the return on investment gained by partnering with Workforce Source.

Recent cases where the WFS team was able to successfully complete sourcing projects include sourcing initiatives targeting Mobile Developers, Architects and Engineers, Content Management System (CMS) Engineers, Big Data (Hadoop) specialists and IT Security professionals among others.  We would be glad to provide client references upon request.

Contact us for a no-risk evaluation today. We are happy to work on a white-label, pass-through or direct-hire basis.  

You can reach a Workforce Source representative at 1-RECRUIT-USA (1-732-784-8872).