Eastern European Solutions

With several locations in the region, Workforce Source is the go-to specialist firm for all your hiring needs in Eastern Europe.  We can help your organization find talented, English-speaking professionals in a variety of skill categories located such countries as Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, any country of the former USSR and Yugoslavia and others. 

We know the local market with the ability to help often extending beyond pure candidate sourcing to other aspects of conducting business in the region. Our clients often come to us for advice or referral for a variety of needs such as legal, accounting, office management, banking, etc. and we are happy to be your one-stop destination. We will be very straight-forward when we feel like we don't possess the required expertise, but we are also willing to help you avoid costly mistakes as much as we can.  If needed, Workforce Source can acts as an employer of record or outsource the entire human resource practice for your Eastern European operations.

If you are looking to build or extend your team in Eastern Europe to take advantage of its deep and cost-efficient talent pool, please contact us at 1-RECRUIT-USA (1-732-784-8872).

Some of the reasons to hire in Eastern Europe:

  • A deep pool of highly trained resources
  • Lower cost and low turnover
  • Geographic diversification and around-the-clock coverage
  • Tax advantages
  • Growing local markets for your services and goods