Frequently Asked Questions

Why would we use Workforce Source instead of posting our positions on popular job boards?
Our specialists look for the resumes according to your criteria as opposed to a job posting sitting on a site waiting for someone to respond. We analyze each found resume and a professional recruiting specialist filters the initial batch of resumes to find only best fitting candidates. If you decide to use our pre-screening service, we will contact prospective candidates and perform a standard phone interview to find out candidates availability, interest in the position, salary expectations, confirm skills, experiences, citizenship status, etc. With us, you do not get unqualified candidates that want the job or are just pushing their Internet resume to any position they believe they can handle.
Why would we use WorkforceSource instead of using other service options?
Workforce Source recruiting specialists are equipped with the same or better  tools compared to traditional solutions. We essentially perform the same  services. The major difference in our service offering is we give more control to our customers in choosing the right candidates while we supply pre-qualified resumes. We do not require long-term agreements or complex contracts. Our  services priced as a fraction of the traditional recruiting fees. We can offer  great savings to our customers leveraging a global recruiting business model and offering great savings via shared infrastructure costs.  Our ability to deliver on a 24x7 basis is what sets us apart from competition.
How would I choose the service that fit my needs the best?
We can provide you with the following guidelines while selecting the right service:

• If you are recruiting agency or a company who is looking to outsource or supplement candidate sourcing functions for you organization, you should look into our Recruiting Process Outsourcing offering. 

• If you find that you company has a short-term need for an experienced sourcing specialist or you have a need to fill large number of positions in the short period of time – our Project Staffing service is right for you. 

• If you are looking to fill a position (or several positions) and having hard time finding the strong candidates without paying high full-service recruiting fees, use our on-line Job Sourcing service.
If you are still not sure which service fits you the best, please contact us and we would be glad to come up with the solution that perfectly aligns with what you are looking for. We often alter our services to come up with best composition to meet out client needs.
With what type of positions are WorkforceSource specialists more successful?
We can find candidates for almost any position. We have proven track record of finding qualified candidates for different position levels across multiple industries. Our core specialty is IT sourcing since most of our recruiters have strong hands-on IT experience. The level of expertise we bring to the table makes us unique compared to most other sourcing providers.
Where geographically can you find candidates?
We primarily source candidates for any location in United States, Canada and UK.   Given our delivery capabilities in Ukraine, we can also source candidates in Eastern Europe.