Solutions for Professional Services and Staffing Firms

Talent is your company's revenue generator. You can't afford not to be efficient when it comes to talent search. Workforce Source offers a Recruiting Process Outsourcing solution designed for professional service organizations, agencies, recruiting and consulting firms which have a consistent volume of candidate sourcing needs. 

Our service lets the core team focus on sales and client management while WFS partners with your internal HR professional to perform essential operational functions by seamlessly blending into your business process. By working with us, you get access to millions of candidates through major job-boards, social network, niche as well as our proprietary databases and get targeted results on a daily basis. We tap into social media and a variety of passive sourcing techniques to find those candidates who are often overlooked or not reached by other traditional means. 

Did we mention our services often cost less than acquiring a couple of job-board accounts on your own? Call us at 1-RECRUIT-USA (1-732-784-8872).




  • Scalable solution to support business growth
  • Access to a variety of job boards, aggregators and proprietary databases
  • Passive candidate sourcing
  • Experienced sourcing specialists to improve quality of candidates
  • Flexible hours of operation, including overnight sourcing
  • Reduction of direct payroll costs compared to local market
  • Minimized management overhead
  • Elimination of employee benefit and office expenses
  • Search for resumes matching the job requisition requirements
  • Reach out to candidates via a variety of passive candidate sourcing techniques, including social media, networking, etc.
  • Enter or cleanse candidate data in client's ATS
  • Evaluate and select best matching resumes
  • Pre-screen candidates via a phone interview
  • Submit best qualified candidates to designated contact(s) at your company
  • Specialists can be equipped with a local or toll-free phone number
  • Set up interviews
  • Conduct technical interviews
  • Verify references and run background checks
  • Negotiate compensation
  • Administer payroll or sub-contract relationships
  • Process time-sheets
  • We offer pricing either on a retained or variable basis.
  • Discounts are available for long-term commitment and volume.

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